Monday, February 25, 2013

Alpl Hillclimb 1971

The International Alpl Hillßclimb was hosted by the Styrian Automobil & Motorsports Club in the years from 1954 to 1990. A time when racing was much more colorful than today even in black and white. When you have seen recently race officials which loose hubcaps from their Mustang, big fat Commos, strange driving styles, an Alfa Romeo sponsored by SPAR or a couple which manage to drive equally elapsed times?

Die Rennleitung
courtesy of Erwin Jelinek/Technisches Museum
Opel Commodore
courtesy of Erwin Jelinek/Technisches Museum
Moto X style
courtesy of Erwin Jelinek/Technisches Museum
courtesy of Erwin Jelinek/Technisches Museum
girl/boy racing
courtesy of Erwin Jelinek/Technisches Museum

Friday, February 22, 2013

Living dead

About 12 years ago this sad looking Interceptor was offered to me by a german car dealer. He stopped by in Vienna to deliver a classic car to one of his customers. He left the pictures but regardless the low prize of 4000 Deutsch Marks I hadnt to much emotions to look at the Jensen in real life. The original silver color was long gone and 128/4515 (new delivered to the Channel Islands) was the typical living dead Jensen which sells from one yard to another. Btw watch the MIG in the background :-)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Austrian Muscle

The great Franz Albert racing his Camaro at the airfield Langenlebarn in 1970 and 71. After his career as racer Albert opened an engine shop and became famous for turboed and supercharged engines powering Koenig Ferraris and Mercedes of the 80s.
The Camaro was later used in hillclimb trials and ended in the yard of my friend Michael K. The aluminum small block chevy was apart for service, the chassis suffered some rust damage. In the early 90s Michael offered me the Camaro but I couldnt afford the prize of 50k austrian schillings. The last trace of the car so far, its owned by a famous austrian rally driver and will be restored to former glory.

courtesy of Arthur Fenzlau/Technisches Museum

courtesy of Arthur Fenzlau/Technisches Museum
courtesy of Arthur Fenzlau/Technisches Museum

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Deep House, Jazzy Interceptor Mk II

... is the star on the Nigel Hayes album (...But Is It Art).
It is 125/5017 a silver grey Interceptor II with black interior originaly deliverd new to Austria in February 1970. For several years it belonged to a viennese businessman and at that time the pictures for the album were taken in front of the "Sommerbad Laaerberg". The album was produced by the label Sunshine Enterprises based in Vienna and if you like electronic club music its really worth to listen.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GS110X headwork

Recently I did some cylinderheadwork for my friend Martin from The 4-valvehead had some heatcracks but with proper welding and new seats the problem should be fixed. The head will work on a 1260cc engine which powers his new Suzuki XR69 project.


repair work

XR69 sample